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Clear Creek Replicas


Founded by Rob Brozovich, an avid angler, Clear Creek Replicas recognizes the importance of matching the characteristics of fish to make its replicas lifelike. Our philosophy is to adhere to the importance of catch and release fishing for the overall health of fish populations. Catch and release improves populations because it allows more fish to stay in their natural habitat and reproduce. This helps to preserve the balance of the natural environment. Sports fishers practice catch and release in order to make sure local fish populations remains stable and robust, and also to ensure sustainability and avoid overfishing.

In order to prevent target species from disappearing in heavily fished waters, catch and release has become mandatory in water bodies where a species’ survival is endangered. Catch and release is also a way to let an increasing number of fishermen enjoy fishing and successfully catch fish and allows for Clear Creek Replicas to make models from photographs of your best catches!


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Clear Creek Replicas


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A good buddy of mine made me a replica of my PB smallie and dropped it off at the house this weekend. I couldn’t be more impressed with how it turned out. I’m pushing it in front of the camera to really show off all the amazing detail that went into making sure this replica looks just like the 6.9 monster I got my hands on a couple years back. Time to put it on the wall and I know for fact, when I’m lucky enough to break this PB again, I’ll be giving @clear_creek_replicas a call for another. You should too…

Josh Douglas Fishing

Clear Creek Replicas


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